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Sunday, 3-Sep-2006 03:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rome Craziness

In the kitchen Bitch
Me and my baby, that's alotta wine
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So yeah I decided the shenangians we got up to on what I call 'Mystery Door' night (I still have that hardhat Virgil and it is my drinking hat now and part of folklore) gets it's own page. So this is the one you guys from Rome were waiting two months for so just send me any photos you want me to add so everyone can get em.

I'll leave the captions for you guys to add comments for if you want

Saturday, 2-Sep-2006 18:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Old buildings....
Pretty impressive close up
Yup, so then I stabbed him, ahh those were the days
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Okay so if you are going to Rome look up a hostel called Backpackers, about 2 blocks from the station and between two hotels. It rocks as simply as that. G'day to everyone I met there and sorry it took so long to get these up but if you go back thorugh the rest of the photos you will see why.
So Rome is killer, had an awesome time and the sights are unbelievable. The first day I ended up hanging out with Michael at the Forum and that ring that is falling apart, then saw some more stuff along the way to the very cool fountain and some steps that are spanish but in rome..... Then after hitting up the free chow (which is good pasta by the way) we picked up Hope along the way and managed to consume many bottles of wine until about 3 in the morning so we finally got to see the steps while there was noone there.
Then the next day it was onto the vatican which gets it's own section so ha no more news there. Another drunken night and at the Hostel where some peeps dropped by and I think this is where Arturo had the great idea of just getting a massive amount of alcohol and drinking it. This went even more so the next night when Josh and Virgil showed up, hope you guys are still alive and still as screwed in the head as me, wait you guys topped even me in never ever so you beat me there.
Ahh the next day I think was the day that Joey and I just collapsed and managed to find the worst pizza in all of Italy, which even though we ordered different things we still got the same, met up with Simon and it was onto drinking again!! As you can tell we pretty much just drank and saw the sights though a little bit more than normal as the hostel had an awesome atmosphere, oh yeah Mitch you are now a legend in these guys eyes for creating the hour of power which I am sure is still getting played in this hostel. Enjoy the copious amounts of photos

Tuesday, 29-Aug-2006 18:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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First place our of Serbia please, that boat to Itlay please. That's about it for Bar, cool little place and pretty relaxed from what I saw. Took some cool photos there as well, for a rushed plan not bad but means I missed out on Split and Dubrovnik

Sunday, 27-Aug-2006 17:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark

One of the few clear periods
I don't want to know what he is doing to that horse
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Ahhhh this is where it all fell apart, goodbye Eastern Europe hello lungs that still breath air, I won't say much here becuase I don't really want to but if you want to know the story then email me and I might tell you, Kbong boys ask Paddy or Eroc they know the story. Otherwise not a bad city, was literally pouring down and flooded the streets while I was there to make matters worse as well.

Friday, 25-Aug-2006 17:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark

The house with the tunnel, bullet holes all included
Chillin in the tunnel
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Okay so this is a really cool place to visit and put it down on your list of places to go, i don't know why people think it is still dangerous, but anyway moving along. After getting picked up at the train station by the hostel (thought they were dodgy until I realised who it was but anyway). Got in that night and was totally buggered (no sleep for about 30 hours) so some pommies (who were just a little weird if I may say so, and it's my blog so I can) and some, hmmm i've forgotten actually but yeah two chicks who were a barrel of laughs headed off into the nightlife. We got a bite to eat and then we worked out that it was the last day of the Sarajevo International Film Festival which is why everyone was dressed up. So we found out where it was, after getting the run around, seriously you live in the city and you don't know where it is!! Moving along we managed to talk our way in for free and see the last movie which was cool until it started raining, seeing that it was open air it was not so cool.
So after that we went to a few pubs but I hate to say it i piked and crashed at around 12. The next day a bunchof us went to see the tunnel that is underneath the airport that was there during the seige. It's a great experience and a must to do if you go as you get a tour around the city to other important points etc as well. The one that I was one was given by Peter who got the knickname from some international magazines as 'the voice of sarajevo' which he hated with a passion. He decided that morning that it would be his last tour so we got an even better one than normal as he was able to say things that he couldn't normally get away with. But it was very picturesque and also funny as hell among poignant. I don't have enough room here to write about it so let me know if you want to know more.
Okay so enough of that stuff that night we had planned to go to a soccer game, but we started predrinking and well Jade the pesky wench (G'day by the way) taught me a new drinking game that has gone down in folklore already in Rome and on IHOP (International Hall of Pissheads, where I am now), and that is Fizz/Buzz. Needless to say we just ended up staying in and drinking, then we went to go out and met everyone coming back, oh well enjoy the photos

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